Hi! I'm Sukhmani, a third-year dental student dedicated to holistic healthcare. I want you to feel confident about your smile and live your life with joy and harmony. 


Before reaching dental school, I worked in the fields of sales, healthcare, marketing, performing arts and makeup artistry. My education focused on biology and business with externships in marine sciences. I taught dance for over a decade to special needs children and adults and travelled the world to perform for audiences in the thousands. I've curated fundraisers and galas for mental health awareness, disaster relief, women's health and anti-bullying. Life has been an adventure. 

PS: If you'd like to see a small collection of my dance portfolio, go on YouTube and type in Dentist in Motion.

I am also obsessed with my doggo - Leo. 


Although my work centres around teeth, I am here to take care of the whole patient. I see myself being an advocate, cheerleader and resource as my patients work toward self-actualization. I am merely one small piece of the puzzle when I interact with a patient, but I make that interaction count. I see myself helping my environment and community.

I've had a unique diaspora of experiences, ones that I am eternally grateful for, and ones that have amalgamated into a unique philosophy around wellness. A philosophy that I'm excited to share with you!


This site is my resource for students, practitioners and future patients alike. This site is an actionable and to-the-point location for healthcare information. 

Thank you for being here. Remember to sign up for the newsletter and do not hesitate to reach out via the contact form below. 

I leave you with this quote from one of my inspirations

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do" - Steve Jobs

Until the next one...


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