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Dentistry Uncensored with Horward Farran – Dr. Joel Gould on the Root Cause of Sleep Apnea

Another podcast filled with bravura by Dr Howard Farran of Dentistry Uncensored. This is the stuff I live for! We need to be aware of the inherent bias in healthcare and the parties that seek to profit from medications. Good science is out there and it's our best hope for progress, but biased science is out there too; it's the science that exists solely to profit large conglomerates and the science that tells half-truths.

We need to be mindful of what we consume and who is funding the research. Dr Joel goes into detail about things that I’ve been looking into for the last year in an unapologetic, honest, and no b*llsh*t method. He established himself as a cognoscenti of holistic healthcare. Here are the key takeaways and my reflections (italicized).

Dentistry and COVID-19

Make a video to show your patients what their experience will be like amidst this pandemic. If they can see the precautions you are taking, they are more likely to come back.


We all know that we are born with a set of genes. What is coming to the forefront and not being discussed enough is epigenetic: we have an enormous amount of control over what genes are turned on or off. This depends on our environment: food, social circles, thought processes, exercise routine and sleep pattern.

Weston Price

You need to google this guy (doing that today!) He was able to figure out, through observation alone, the root cause of dental disease. For example, he looked at tribal groups that had perfect teeth, space for all 32, nothing missing and great oral health. What was the reason? He says the answer is nutrition. He even compared twins that where one was fed an ancestral diet and one a processed diet and the results were shocking.

I’ve pondered upon this for many years, even before I had much of an interest for dental school. We hear of more and more individuals not forming certain types of teeth, such as 3rd molar and even front laterals. There is no “selective pressure” that would phase out the 32 tooth model, so there has to be something going on at the environmental level that is causing this phenomenon.


Vitamins can’t be trademarked, so big pharma will not push them and nor will journals and companies funded by big pharma. Big pharma can pay for advertisement and so can companies that make garbage processed food. This conditions us to eat the things we see marketed infant of us. He suggests supplementing your diet with vitamin D and K2. Go outside and don’t fear the sun. Extended periods of sunlight can harm the skin, but he said that 15 minutes is needed to recharge and activate our vitamins. Even during quarantine, go on a socially distant solo walk. He said that if you have colon issues, you need to get your vitamin D checked out.

I didn't (and can't) stay inside all day, so I made it a point to stay physically active even during quarantine. If you're alone, you're not hurting anyone. Wear a mask and go outside.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is not a vitamin, it’s more like a hormone. It’s not a co-factor for enzymes. It is made when humans in the sun. Activation of the vitamin depends on radiation band skin is exposed to. Vitamin D needs UVB radiation 280-315nm.

Did you know your blood vessels expand towards the sun when you go outside? Did you know melatonin is the key hormone that calibrates your circadian rhythm and is used in darkness?

Messenger molecules tell genes to transcribe, so it’s important to get Vitamin D to the right genes and get them active.

Vitamin D is an antioxidant, which is why it helps with COVID-19. It’s been scientifically proven and documented to get people to get better across a large spectrum of diseases. Dr Joel suggest to go on PubMed and see for yourself. Vitamin D regulates microbes in the body and impacts our body odour. Acne levels reduce too. Vitamin D impacts neurotransmitters. It is D essential for going into autophagy, which is the way the body cleans up the cellular junk lying around.


Meat isn’t inherently horrible. It’s the way animals are processed and treated like machines that make it poison for us. I wholeheartedly think that “thinking green” isn’t simply about being vegan, it’s about also wanting the animals you eat to have lived healthy lives, so we are all healthy. It all comes back around.

We all, vegan or not, benefit from ethical farming. Cows are not meant to be pumped with hormones, have their calves taken from them and stand in cages for hours on end. It's barbaric and you are directly impacted by it. If that doesn’t piss you off or get your wheels turning, I don’t know what to say.

My parents grew up in India drinking milk every day. I visited my parent’s village in early childhood. The cows were treated well and lived ethical lives. Neither of my parents or relatives has any digestive issues with milk. I’ve heard in other resources and from my visit to Italy that Italians eat carbohydrates all the time! But you don’t see gluten sensitivities developing in those countries at the rapid rate it is developing in the USA. While Dr Joel advocates for a low carbohydrate diet, you have to ask, “what is going on”? The food in the US and Canada is not processed well and it's killing us.

He is a huge proponent of eating red meat and wouldn’t eat beans or oats. I don’t see myself moving to red meat (ever), since there is research to suggest its harmful to the body. I may re-incorporate chicken and fish that are ethically harvested? Maybe fish not loaded with mercury? We evolved to eat meat, but the problem is our food and water is being poisoned.

The key message is that source is important. The bigger message is that what goes around comes around. Farming vegetables is unethical and unsustainable in some cases too. The way our crops are grown hurts our environment. Again, interesting thought for me to reconcile. Many vegans don’t want to look at this. As a vegetarian, I may have let this slide too, but it’s something to think about.

Overall, we all make mistakes, but there is so much we can do to help the environment. Inaction is also aiding and abetting destruction.


Fat is good for you. Not processed fat, but natural fat.


He says our food is loaded with deuterium, which is a hydrogen isotope. It’s the key reason why sugar, pasta and bread are bad for you. They are loaded with it.

No, No, No! for diets

These are the things he suggests cutting out:

- Seed oils (canola, corn, margarine)

- White. No white sugar. No white grain. This isn’t a question of moderation in his eyes.

- We did not evolve to eat 3 meals a day. Cut it out and fast. I started eating in an 8-hour window followed by a 16 hour fast 4 months ago and its changed my life.

Resources to check out


Weston Price Books

Parting thoughts

If they haven’t taken blood level for vitamins and blood levels in human wellness studies or treatment options, throw the study out.

The good science is out there; it’s just not funded by the rich people that profit from you being sick all the time. You profit them when you eat their garbage and then again when you’re on their pills.

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