Found the patients, now where are the chairs?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

We are transitioning into clinic at this point. Initially the patient pool seemed to be small, but now there is a new dilemma: once you've got a patient, it's hard to book chairs. I remember just a week ago my schedule was riddled with cancellations and now with patients coming in consistently, it's hard to find an open block in the schedule.

Social distancing requires clinics to run at limited capacity. It has its upsides with a calmer work space, quicker check points, and personalized attention from faculty members, but finding availability is now the tricky task. Essentially, it requires teaming up with the patient to figure out the sequence as well as exact timeline of the treatments.

On top of this, we are still completing some didactic courses, so our morning appointments are a bit shorter. My mantra for this semester is just go with the flow. I think that works well for dental school, life, & anything really. You just got to roll with it. Each new challenge presents a novel way to sharpen the mind; dental skills or mental skills, we are improving each day.

Slow and steady, we will reach the end. Just remember to enjoy the journey.

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