Podcast Reflection 09/13/2020

T-Bone Speaks Dentistry:

Adding Advanced Orthodontics Into Your Practice with Matt Standridge

An insightful and relevant talk for me. Not only is Dr Matt Standridge addressing dental procedures that I hope to build my practice on, but he also wears the title of a ketodontist. Amongst the many diet fads that have gone and past throughout the years, there is some depth and scientific backbone to keto – at least from what I’ve read. I’ll have to check out his philosophy behind his diet soon.

Key Points

There is immense opportunity in rural America. If you want to be a “super-gp”, that’s the spot to be. People can’t afford to commute for hours to a specialist. Understanding orthodontics and implantology is a game changer!

Provide options but remember the rule of paralysis analysis. Limit your financing options. Examples include immediate payment, no interest third party mediated payment, or in house no interest payment. Orthodontic case acceptance is about affordability, not necessarily that the people do not want to accept the treatment plan.

When presenting cases, be clear, streamlined and confident. Know what to accept and what to refer out.

A general practitioner is the ideal person to do adult orthodontics, as more often than not they are a part of addressing other cosmetic concerns simultaneously. Being able to provide services in house saves time and retains patients.

A class 1 versus a class 3 may jaw relationship may require a similar sequence, but the cost for the latter will be inevitably be higher.

The key of the new age is convenience and modernization. Speak to patients via text message. Operate during hours that make sense, including before someone goes to the office. Is there an opportunity to change traditional office hours and diversify a practice based on time accessibility?

Interesting facts

The average price of a car bought in America has tripled over time. Everyone wants a better car. The way car dealerships manage this is through financing options.

Knowledge integration

Limit your financing options yet accept all modes of payment. A guest speaker at UMN indicated that this is critical. Be able to accept the various methods of payment in order to provide ease of case acceptance. Remember the mantra: convenience and modernization.

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