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Simple ways to deal with tooth infections

Did you know that people used to die from a tooth infection? Modern medicine has fixed that (phew!).

But that still means we must be mindful that a tooth infection is impacted the entire body. The best treatment is prevention because we don't want toxins floating around.

Seek dental/medical care as soon as possible if you suspect you have a dental infection. Swelling and fever are a sign to visit an emergency dental or medical clinic.

Pain Relief

Ensure that you use the appropriate therapeutic amount of pain medication. Never take aa medication you have or may have an adverse reaction to. Ibuprofen, Tylenol and naproxen are usually the medications of choice.

Use Prescribed Antibiotics

Don't use left-over antibiotics. Don't self-prescribe. Your dentist may be able to send out a prescription for aa a short course of antibiotics. Tele-dentistry is becoming more and more accessible. Ask your dentist if they can provide emergency services for tooth infections. Antibiotics can help reduce overall swelling and pain.


Continue to practice good oral hygiene. Add in salt-water rinses to provide some conformity.

Good oral hygiene includes:

  • removing plaque everyday (best done with an electric toothbrush

  • use toothpaste with fluoride or hydroxyapatite

  • floss!

  • replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months or after you get sick

  • never share your toothbrush

  • don't share utensils

Improve Diet

Everything is moderation is ok. Some things harm you teeth more than other. Avoid these foods aaa much as possible

  • sodas

  • carbonated water

  • fermented carbs like crackers and cereal

  • sticky candy

  • chewable vitamins (especially in children)

  • toffee

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