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What are craze lines?

What are craze lines?

Craze lines are akin to hairline fractures of teeth. The are usually seen running vertically down front teeth. They may look like cracks or even start to accumulate plaque. The plaque may add a brown tint to the line, making it more noticeable.

While they may look scary, rest assured craze lines are a normal part of aging.

Can craze lines become a large crack?

Yes. A craze line is a superficial line that needs to be monitored. This is especially important for individuals that chew hard foods daily, grind their teeth or clench their jaw.

How can you stop craze lines from becoming deeper fractures?

  • Don’t chew ice

  • Don’t bite fingernails

  • Don’t grind your teeth

  • Don’t clench your jaw

  • Don't use teeth as tools

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